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Integrated washbasins

Take on the challenge and create your personal Bliss Elements Cargo bathroom furniture. A unique customised vanity unit in widths ranging from 60 cm to no less than 3 metres! The integrated washbasin comes in fixed dimensions: 500 mm wide and 280 mm deep. Cargo washbasins are available in thee materials and no less than seven colours. 

CARGO integrated 500 x 280 mm

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available in:

• Gloss white polystone

• Mat white polystone

• Mat white onyx / solid surface

• Quartz ivory white

• Quartz grey

• Quartz concrete

• Quartz black

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Cargo is available with a single washbasin to be installed either on the left or right side. The washbasin top has a variable width ranging from 600 mm to an impressive 3,00 mm, and a fixed depth of 450 mm. With or without tap hole, as per customer preference.

If you prefer a washbasin with a central sink, maximal unit width will be 1,800 mm.

CARGO Double

The cargo washbasin top is also available with a double sink. Widths vary from 1,400 mm up to 3,000 mm and the fixed depth is 450 mm. with or without tap holes, as per customer preference. 

As a finishing touch, you can opt for the optional drain plug in the same material and colour as the washbasin.

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