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Countertop washbasins

Bliss Elements bathroom design furniture gives bathrooms a special ambience as well as providing an extensive choice of versions, colours and dimensions.

Design plateaus can be configured with or without Dogma countertop washbasins. Dogma design plateaus and countertop washbasins are available in three materials and no less than seven colours. 

Verkrijgbaar in:

• Gloss white polystone

• Mat white polystone

• Mat white onyx / solid surface

• Quartz ivory white

• Quartz grey

• Quartz concrete

• Quartz black

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DOGMA design plateau for countertop washbasins

The Dogma design plateau has a variable width ranging from 600 up to 3,000 mm, with a standard depth of 450 mm. Lower depth dimensions are available on request. When ordering the design plateau, ensure you specify the tap holes, if any, and the position of the recess for the countertop washbasin(s).

DOGMA designplateau

The design plateau is not only suitable for Dogma countertop washbasins but also for a whole range of additional applications in the bathroom. You may opt for a design plateau on a washbasin cabinet to create  more storage space in the bathroom. The Dogma design plateau is available in variable widths ranging from 50 mm as a minimum to 3,000 mm as a maximum, with a standard depth of 450 mm. Shallower dimensions are available on request.

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