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Countertop washbasins

The Fuori washbasin combination is ideally suited for installing countertop washbasins. The Fuori range offers a wide choice of countertop washbasins. You can choose from a selection of 5 countertop washbasin models and no less than 11 dimensions. All countertop washbasins are available in the sleek and durable solid surface material in mat white colour. After selecting your favourite integrated washbasin, you can decide for yourself the ideal width for your washbasin plateau. The choice of the necessary spaces on the left and right side of the countertop washbasin is also entirely yours. Fuori units are customised, including one or more countertop washbasins, which may be completed with the washbasin cabinets of your choice. In addition, the range, of course, also includes the option of a free-hanging model.

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MODEL A - Countertop washbasin + plateau on washbasin cabinet

The Fuori washbasin plateau for countertop washbasins - without skirts - has a 'thickness' of only 12 mm! This washbasin plateau can be combined with all washbasin cabinet models: single drawer and a height of 350 mm, or double drawer and a height of 520 or 650 mm.


MODEL B - Countertop washbasin + washbasin plateau with skirts on a washbasin cabinet

If you prefer a higher front skirt, for example with a recess for a tissue holder, you may want to opt for a washbasin plateau with standard 100 mm skirts. This washbasin top can be combined with all washbasin cabinets in the Bliss range.


MODEL C - Countertop washbasin + washbasin plateau skirt, free-hanging

The Fuori model with skirts can also be hung freely using suspension brackets. Standard skirt height is 100 mm,

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