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Our only limit is your creativity. Liberta design plateaus are made of solid surface material, available in a 6 of 12 mm thickness; they are suitable for additional applications in wellness areas. You can consider options such a splash water screens, rear walls, fronts, shelves etc. However, there are many more creative applications that can be designed and installed.

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LIBERTA designplateau 6 or 12 mm

Liberta design plateaus can be used for a whole range of bathroom applications, The 6 mm design plateau can be used for finishing purposes around a bath, for toilets or as a window-sill. The double-thickness design plateau (12 mm) can be used, for example, as a cover plate for washbasin cabinets but also as a shelf for loose niche compartments.

LIBERTA console (12 mm) with skirt 100 mm

If you love to display your bathroom accessories, you can may opt for a Liberta console. This console can be freely hung by means of suspension brackets so that it 'floats' under your washbasin. The ideal option to give pride of place to your finest accessories

LIBERTA splash water screen 6 mm

By installing the splash water screen from the Liberta range, you create a sophisticated and uniform style. In addition, the screen can be easily cleaned.

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