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Integrated washbasins

Spazio enables you to create your own washbasin. Choose from a range of four integrated washbasins models: Spazio 500 is the smallest washbasin, at 500 x 280 mm and with an inner sink depth of 110 mm. The Spazio 600 model has an even shallower inner sink of 80 mm. The largest integrated washbasins - Spazio 900 and 1100 - can even be combined with two wall taps and both models come in an inner sink depth of 110 mm. After selecting your favourite integrated washbasin, you can decide on the ideal width of the washbasin top. You can opt for a free-hanging model or a combination with washbasin cabinets.

We make sure that the integrated bowls are exactly positioned in the void spaces of the washbasin cabinets. The choice of the necessary spaces on the left and right side of the bowl is entirely yours. We are afraid that you will find it hard to make a choice form our huge range of washbasin cabinets. However, you are sure to achieve an awesome combination 100% to your personal taste.

SPAZIO integrated washbasins 500/600/900/1100 x 280 mm

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MODEL A - washbasin on a washbasin cabinet

The 'thinkness' of a Spazio washbasin without skirts is a mere 12 mm! This washbasin can be combined with all washbasin cabinet models: single drawer with a height of 350 mm, or double drawer with a height of 520 or 650 mm.


MODEL B - washbasin with skirts on washbasin cabinet

If you prefer a higher front skirt, for example with a recess for a tissue holder, you may want to opt for the Spazio washbasin with standard 100 mm skirts. This washbasin can be combined with all washbasin cabinets in the Bliss range.



MODEL C - washbasin with skirts, free-hanging

The Spazio model with skirts can also be hung freely using suspension brackets. The skirts have a minimum height of 110 mm, depending on the selected integrated washbasin. 

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